Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Applewood Initiative and Cravings for Raw Milk

Today was our second Gardening and Community meeting, a project of Applewood Initiative that involves 15 sessions on everything from soil and composting to local government and grant writing, as well as workshops and volunteering. Sessions are meant to train us to offer technical assistance to neighborhood associations in community gardening and land use. Christina Kelly from the Genesee County Land Bank presented and covered some basic information on vacancy and statistics in Flint, vacancy in relation to race, Land Bank properties, auctions and acquisitions and then we broke out into groups to come up with alternative uses for vacant properties. One great one: raising a flock of sheep for wool, manure, meat (maybe?) and doing some urban shepherding. Sweet deal.

On another note, tomorrow we are going to head south about a half an hour to Linden to check out Westwind Milling Company, a local and sustainable grain farm, mill and bakery to stock up on stone ground flour, cookies and honey. They also sell other Michigan grown products. Next stop will be Dairy Delight Cow Boarding to sign up for a cow share. Unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk is the way to go.

flannel sheets and ginger tea, goodnight.

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