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Summer 2012 Community Supported Agriculture subscriber agreements are in!

Do you want to be eating locally produced, sustainably raised produce all year round? Getting involved in a community supported agriculture program is a great way to eat delicious food, meet the farmers who raised your food and spend time on the farm that the food came from. Below is our subscriber agreement for the summer 2012 season of our CSA. We are accepting 20 subscribers. Please email us or call or comment for a printable version of the agreement.

Flint River Farm
Community Supported Agriculture Program
Subscriber Agreement
Summer, 2012

What is a CSA?
COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE is a form of food distribution that supports the direct relationship between farmer and consumer or “subscriber.” A CSA consists of a community of individuals who support a farm by purchasing produce or goods at the beginning of the season, and receiving a box of delicious, locally produced food every week. Farmer and subscriber share the abundance of the season together

Flint River Farm is a diversified urban farm in downtown Flint. Farmers Joanna and Roxanne are offering vegetable subscriptions from the farm on Beach and 12th Street. A vegetable subscription means that you will receive weekly boxes of freshly picked, local vegetables grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This means that every week, when you take home your box of produce you will find everything from arugula to zucchini. We will also provide weekly updates on the farm, as well as hosting classes like urban edible foraging and volunteer days. You are participating in the growth of a new business, and play a crucial role in creating a healthy food system.

Flint River Farm also produces items such as breads, jams, maple syrup and honey and supports other small businesses by distributing additional items like local, free range eggs, noodles, etc. These items can be purchased additionally by preorder. Delivery of boxes may be arranged for an additional fee.

Our summer subscription is 16 weeks long, and will go from May through August. Pick up will be on Wednesday evenings from 5:00-7PM at the farm on Beach Street. Preorders for other products should be submitted on Wednesday at CSA pick-up for pick-up on Saturday at the Flint Farmers Market.

We can accept cash, checks, money orders, paypal, EBT and Double Up Food Bucks

As a Subscriber:

• I commit to supporting Flint River Farm by paying the full amount of $475.00 ($30/week) by _______________for a 16-week period between May and August. If I am unable to pay this up front, I agree to work out a payment plan with the farm.
• I agree to pick up my box of produce every week at Flint River Farm on Beach Street and Van Lue. If I am unable to pick up, I will send someone to pick up my subscription. If no one can pick up my share, I will notify farm managers 48 hours in advance. I understand that it will not be available beyond this day and will be donated.
• I understand that the farm cannot guarantee an amount or type of produce from week to week. A full share box will be valued at around $30/week
• I understand that the farm cannot give refunds for vegetable subscriptions.
• Subscriptions are available on a first come basis. The farm may continue accepting subscribers if not all positions are filled.
• I am sharing in the risk and benefit of the farm and understand that the fruits and vegetables grown are subject to growing conditions, environmental variables and possible crop failure as well as bountiful harvests.

Flint River Farm commits to:

• Growing the most delicious and diverse produce in the most socially conscious and ecologic way we can
• Providing weekly boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables available for pick up at Flint River Farm on Beach Street
• Growing without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
• Working with subscribers to create payment plans if necessary
• Planting to accommodate weather conditions and possible vandalism
• Keep subscribers up to date with farm happenings with a weekly newsletter
• Provide recipes and creative uses for unusual vegetables
• Take subscribers vegetable preferences into account when planting

Payment Options:

We can accept cash, checks, money orders, paypal and EBT.

Full Subscription (16 weeks) $475.00

Payment plan necessary?  YES  NO
If yes, Flint River Farm will contact you to set up arrangements. A minimum of $30 per week, or $120 per month is required.

Do you want to use EBT/Double up Food Bucks to pay for your subscription?


A subscriber can choose to split a full subscription between two households or more. Registered Subscriber takes full responsibility for dividing subscription among partners, and providing payment in full. If you plan to divide your subscription please let us know so we can do our best to accommodate you.

Subscriber Partner Name ________________________________
Subscriber Partner Phone ________________________________
Subscriber Partner Address ________________________________

A subscriber can choose someone to take over their subscription and payment. 2 week notice must be given to Flint River Farm to allow time for paperwork.

I/we wish to support Flint River Farm and purchase a vegetable subscription for the 2012 summer season.

Subscriber Signature____________________________ Date_________________


Phone number ___________________________________________

Joanna Lehrman 917.617.4239
Roxanne Adair 810.869.6639

Flint River Farm
PO Box 468
Flint, MI 48501

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